Cedar Oil or Stain Re-coating

Cedar House Restoration in Auckland NZ


Cedar is a stunning building material that creates house exteriors that look naturally impressive, luxurious, and homely. Cedar needs to be looked after, however, to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate over time.


The biggest problem you face if you have a cedar wood home is water penetrating the wood.


Applying a coat of oil to your cedar house stops the penetration of water which then prevents the timber from splitting, warping, and cupping. This extends the life of the timber and reduces maintenance costs.


The coat of oil on your cedar wood home won’t last forever, though. Over time it starts to deteriorate and fade. This doesn’t look good, but it also leaves the exterior of your property exposed to the elements.


At Cedar Innovation Service, we offer cedar house restoration services to solve this problem for homeowners in Auckland, NZ. Our team will apply a fresh coat of wood oil using the latest techniques and the best quality materials. Contact us today to find out more.


Cedar Restoration Services in Auckland


Our cedar house restoration services in Auckland, NZ, start by preparing the exterior of your home. This includes lightly power washing the exterior surface to remove the build up of dust, dirt, and grime.


Where required, we will also sand the wood to ensure the surface is ready for the reapplication of wood oil. We will also inspect the wood and will give you advice if we find any potential issues that exist now or that could develop in the future.


When it comes to applying the new coat of oil, we will take care to protect the surrounding area with sheets. In addition, we only use the best quality cedar wood oils on the market. All the wood oils we use come from leading manufacturers including Dryden, Wood-X, and Resene.


The oil and our expert application ensure deep penetration of your wood to give your home maximum protection and water repellent capabilities. Plus, the oils we use are long-lasting and UV resistant.


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Our cedar house restoration services are available throughout Auckland, NZ. To get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today on 0210663175.

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