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Most of the house has exterior windows higher than house owners tall. This means Its a tough challenge that the exterior window cleaning. Cleaning high windows can be tricky, especially if they are above a sloped area or in a hard to reach the spot. High windows also tend to get very dirty, especially if they have not been wiped or washed in awhile. Though you can hire a professional to wash high windows, here is a batter idea.

The Cedar Innovations priority is every job complete it looks to renew the house! However exterior window still dirty even after cedar treatments are done, halve the completeness of the job.  

So our final service to the clients(Cedar maintenance service), whole house window cleaning weather high or not! We do our effort to make sure the client satisfied when we leave the house. 

Cedar Innovation presents cristal clear exterior window cleaning!

Final look after job complete
with window cleaning.

20190618- 19 Maraetai Heights Rd (After) (4).jpg
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